Boston, Massachusetts Shells Out $9 Million to Fix Its Most Dangerous Intersection

Dubbed Boston’s “most dangerous intersection,” the corner of Walk Hill Street and American Legion Highway has been the scene of 97 motor vehicle accidents in four years. Residents in the area think that this calculation is on the low end and they call the busy intersection “Kamikaze Way.”

The most recent major vehicle collision at the intersection occurred last December between an SUV, another motor vehicle, and an MBTA bus. Seven people were injured.

The intersection, located in Roslindale, is nestled in between a nature preserve, a cemetery, and strip malls. Neighbors, however, say that the intersection is a popular location for late-night drag races.

Speeding during the day reportedly occurs frequently-as drivers try to beat traffic lights before they turn red. Crossing the intersection is considered by some to be a life threatening experience and some residents say that the sounds of cars colliding several times a day is not uncommon.

For years, residents have been asking Boston officials to improve the intersection. But a disagreement between the state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston on how to make the improvements had delayed the process.

Last year, the Boston Transportation Department began implementing its own improvements, securing its own funding without the help of the Massachusetts Highway Department. Since the project began, Turn lanes have been added, traffic lights are being replaced, roads have new surfaces, curb roads have been heightened, and new bike lanes and street lanes are being added. The project will cost the city of Boston $9 million.

The Boston Police Department has extra troopers patrolling the area to keep drivers on their best behavior while crossing the intersection. Boston Police Captain Frank Armstrong, however, says that the 30mph speed limit sign on American Legion is poorly lit at night.

State and city officials are supposed to make sure that streets, avenues, freeways, intersections, turn lanes, curb roads, traffic signs, and traffic lights are in the safest working condition possible to minimize the chances of a Massachusetts traffic accident occurring.

If your accident occurred because the design of an intersection is faulty, a traffic sign was not working properly, or any other reason that could have been avoided had state or city officials taken the proper steps to ensure that conditions of the road where your injury collision occurred were safe and in proper working order, you may be able to file an injury claim or lawsuit against Massachusetts or the city where the accident occurred.

Help on way for city’s most dangerous intersection,, January 22, 2008

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