CPSC Recalls Toy Magnetic Construction Sets to Protect Children from Personal Injury

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Battat Inc. are recalling 125,000 Battat Magnabild Magnetic Building Systems due to concerns that if young children swallow more than one of the magnets, they may experience intestinal blockages or perforations or even die.

Two sets are affected by the recall: the 180-piece Magnabild Magnetic Building System (BB1431H) and the 293-piece Magnabild Magnetic Building System (BB1502H).

So far, no injuries connected to these toy items have been reported. There have, however, been 16 reported incidents of the smaller magnets falling out of the building pieces.

An earlier recall in March 2006 involving a different magnetic building set brand highlights the hazards that magnetic toys can pose to young children. That recall, involving, all 3.8 million Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets by Mega Brands Inc. was issued after one child died and 34 others were injured.

Magnetic toys can become dangerous to a child if he or she swallows more than one magnet. Once in a child’s intestine, the magnets can be drawn to one another, which can result in blocks or perforations that can be deadly. Young children and toddlers who are prone to put things in their mouths are at highest risk of serious injuries.

In 2007, the CPSC named magnets as one of the five hidden home hazards. Over eight million magnet toys have been recalled since 2005.

Toy manufacturers are supposed to make sure that their toys will not cause injury or death to children. When a defect in the products or in the product design causes serious harm, the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer may be held liable through products liability claims and lawsuits.

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