Boston Wrongful Death: Government Ordered to Pay $6.25 Million to Family of Revere Club Owner Murdered by Mob

In Massachusetts, US District Judge William G. Young told the federal government that it must pay the family of Richard J. Castucci $6.25 for his wrongful death. Castucci, a Revere nightclub owner, was murdered in 1976 in a mob slaying organized by FBI Informants Stephen Flemmi and James Bulger. Bulger, is also known as “Whitey” Bulger and Flemmi has been called “The Rifleman.”

Young awarded Castucci’s widow $3 million for loss of financial and emotional support. Two of the murdered man’s children, Brian and Lisa, were each awarded $750,000. His two other children, Richard and Denise, are to each receive $500,000. The family received an additional $743,600 for the income that Castucci would have made if he hadn’t died, as well as $8,000 for funeral costs.

Flemmi, who is serving a life prison sentence, and John Martorano, a former hit man who became a government witness, provided details about Castucci’s murder. After Bulger and Flemmi discovered that Castucci was an informant, Martorano shot him in the head.

In 2008, US District Judge Reginald C. Lindsay issued a ruling holding the FBI responsible for Castucci’s murder because of the agency’s negligent management of Flemmi and Bulger. Bulger continues to be one of the fugitives on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

This is the third wrongful death complaint filed against the federal government involving their mishandling of the gangsters. All three lawsuits have resulted in outcomes that favored the plaintiffs.

In 2006, a judge ordered the FBI to pay Quincy fisherman John McIntyre’s brother and mother $3.1 million for his Massachusetts wrongful death. McIntyre was murdered in 1984. An appeals court upheld that award. Just last month, the government was ordered to pay the families of Michael Donahue and Edward Halloran almost $8.25 million for their murders.

Losing someone you love is hard. It can be especially devastating to know that they died because they were murdered. The criminal justice system can hold people accountable for their crimes, and you, too, may able to hold them accountable in civil court.

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