Boston Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against American Medical Response After Ambulance Patient is Dropped on Her Head

Peter Zacarelli is suing American Medical Response for Boston wrongful death. Zacarelli is the brother of Barbra Grimes. The 68-year-old woman died from a brain bleed five days after an ambulance crew allegedly dropped her head-first on the ground.

At the time of the Boston fall accident, Grimes was being taken to a Plymouth hospital for her dialysis treatment. The Department of Public Health has said that she died as a result of human error. American Medical Response is the largest ambulance company in the US.

Whether a medical worker is transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or transporting the patient via ambulance or down a way walkway, there are proper procedures that should be followed to ensure that a patient isn’t dropped or doesn’t fall onto the ground. Fall accidents can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injury, back injuries, neck injuries, broken hips, and other health complications.

Paramedics can be held liable for Boston paramedic malpractice if their negligence, carelessness, or recklessness caused a patient to get hurt, more sick, or die.

Examples of paramedic malpractice:
• Failure to monitor the patient’s vitals • Failure to protect a patient from getting hurt in a fall accident • Wrong diagnosis • Failure to provide the proper medical care
• Medication errors • Delay in arrival of ambulance • Failure to follow protocols • Delayed diagnosis • Failure to do everything possible to get a patient to the hospital ASAP
In Massachusetts, plaintiffs have three years to file a medical malpractice action over a death or an injury.

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