Boston Personal Injury Lawsuit Accuses Police Motorcyclist of Assault and Battery in ’07 Marathon Pedestrian Accident

A Framingham woman claims Massachusetts police Sgt. Dennis Bertulli was negligent when he struck her with his motorcycle and drove off during the 2007 Boston Marathon. Norma Shulman, an avid marathon watcher, is now suing state police over the alleged assault and battery and the violation of her civil rights. Her Boston personal injury trial is currently underway in Middlesex Superior Court.

Shulman, now 65, claims that on April 16, 2007, she was standing behind the white line on Rte. 135-the same spot where she has watched the Boston Marathon for 26 years-when she was struck by Bertulli’s motorcycle. The impact of the Boston motorcycle accident knocked her backward and she sustained a bruise to her chest. Shulman says because she didn’t want to make a scene, she didn’t’ seek emergency medical help and instead drove herself to the ER several hours later. She says that not only did she experience physical pain for 6-7 weeks, but also that she continues to suffer from sleep problems while feeling powerless.

Shulman’s Boston lawyer claims that not only did Bertulli strike Shulman and then drive off, but also, another officer Lt. William Cederquist coerced a key witness to change his account of what happened. The incident was captured on video by WBZ-TV and posted on YouTube.

WBZ videographer Jim Haynes, who saw the Boston pedestrian accident, had initially called the incident “vicious” and intentional but later changed his mind after speaking with the lieutenant. Shulman’s legal team also contends that the authorities submitted an “improper” official report over what happened. No charges were ever filed.

Although police had told Shulman to file a claim under a state law provision that covers claims against the state and its employees, they refused to cover her approximately $1,000 in medical expenses.

If you were involved in or caused a Boston traffic crash, you must stop at the scene to check on the others involved, get help when necessary, and exchange contact information. An experienced Boston injury law firm can help you obtain your financial recovery.

Also, if you believe that you law enforcement officials caused you injury because of their negligence, you may have grounds for a Boston injury case or a civil rights violation complaint.

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