Event company shuts down after tent collapse in NH kills two

A Florida-based event company, Walker International Events, has momentarily ceased all of its business and has been fined $24,000 by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after an investigation revealed multiple safety failures led to two deaths and multiple injuries when a tent collapsed in New Hampshire during a circus act in August of 2015.   In total, there were 14 total serious violations of workplace safety that were found as a result of the OSHA investigation. Primarily, the company most egregiously decided to go forward with their outdoor circus act, despite imminent and well-established thunder storms raging through the area.

The storm ultimately played a large role in the tent’s collapse, as did the company’s failure to properly set up the tent to adhere to OSHA’s workplace safety standards.

The fine and subsequent closing of the company (pending the creation of new safety regulations and standards) will do nothing to console those affected by the tragedy that claimed the lives of a child and their father and injured dozens more onlookers.

OSHA regulations exist to prevent these tragedies

No matter how unconventional or unexpected the setting, workers in America are put into dangerous situations every day, including circus workers and performers. These workers are all supposed to be properly protected by their employers, who are responsible for adhering to safety standards that ensure the workplace is as hazard-free as possible.  By choosing to ignore severe weather warnings and not properly constructing their tent, Walker International Events is complicit in the two deaths and dozens of injuries that resulted as a result of their negligence. In addition to the immediate implications this has for them financially and for their business, they will be liable for civil lawsuits from those affected by the incident as well.

All employers must take great care to not put their employees, or any civilians such as those coming to see a circus show, into any undue risk of injury or death. Failure to ensure this safety is simply unacceptable, and Walker International Events is learning that the hard way.

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In cases that involve acts of sheer negligence and disregard for workers’ safety, as in this case, a successful civil suit for anybody directly affected by the tragedy is likely. With OSHA’s investigation complete, the plaintiff isn’t burdened by proving negligence, as it has been found and declared a fact by a federal government agency.  All that you need to ensure you are properly compensated for any pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost revenue from work or other hardships that may result from an incident of negligence is an experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals to work on your behalf and navigate the complexities of the legal landscape.

At Altman & Altman LLP, we have over 40 years of experience aggressively pursuing any and all cases of negligence that lead to personal injury, or worse. We do not think any employer should get away with needlessly endangering their workers, or anybody else for that matter. We will seek a suitable settlement to help you pay your expenses and get on with your life, and will not stop until we secure it.

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