Massachusetts Dangerous Drug?: FDA Pulls Avandia Because of Cardiovascular Risks

The US Food and Drug Administration says that starting November 18, Avandia will no longer be sold at retail pharmacies in the US because the diabetes drug poses too high a cardiovascular risk to patients. Instead, people allowed to take Avandia will be able to get the drug through mail-order pharmacies only. Avandia also will only be available to drug users that have been safely using the medication, those that don’t have a problem using other diabetes drugs to control their blood sugar, and diabetes patients that are opting to take the drug even though they know of the risks. If you believe that your health issues or your loved one’s death was caused by taking Avandia, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Boston products liability law firm immediately.

Avandia is made by GlaxoSmithKline. According to a 2007 study, the risk of a type 2 diabetes patient suffering a heart attack went up 40% when that person started taking Avandia. Other studies have confirmed this higher risk.

Despite these findings from a few years ago, some cardiologists are wondering why the FDA waited until now to take action. Also, as our Boston dangerous drug lawyers have reported in past blog posts, drug manufactures are supposed to make sure that their medications are not dangerous for use. Yet, unfortunately, there are drugs out there that have been FDA-approved but continue to cause serious health complications for patients. For example, Avandia has, in rare instances, been linked to life-threatening liver complications. Other possible side effects from this diabetes drug include headaches, respiratory infections, bone fractures, edema, fluid retention, and abnormal ovulation.

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