Salem Premises Liability: 93-Year-Od-Woman Seeks Damages for Burn Injuries from Scalding Bathwater

A well-known artist, poet, and children’s book author is suing the management company of her condo complex for Salem personal injury. Frances Wosmek, 93, sustained “horrific burns” when she took a bath in scalding water. Her first-, second-, and third-degree burns were so severe that she has had to have surgery to remove some of the burned tissue.

The Massachusetts burn accident took place on the evening of March 28. It wasn’t until the following morning that an aide found the elderly woman with her back and legs covered with burns. She spent more than two weeks at Massachusetts General Hospital and another several weeks at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

The defendants of Wosmek’s Salem premises liability complaint are EP Management Corp. of Beverly, owner Ronda Ziner, and property manager Toni Curcuru. Wosmek contends that the management company should have corrected the fluctuating water temperatures in the unit, which she owns. According to her Marblehead injury attorney, prior to the accident other residents had complained about the water temperature, which at times was hotter than the 130-degree maximum that the state allows.

Scald Burn Injuries
Scald burns from hot tap water cause more deaths and injuries than burns sustained from other hot liquids. Some 35 deaths and 6,000 injuries occur from hot water accidents in the home each year. Often, the injuries, when sustained in the bath or from the shower, are not just severe, but also the burns can end up on large parts of the body. They can be very painful and may cause scarring or disfigurement.

Wosmek has already racked up about $200,000 medical expenses-a figure that is expected to rise.

Scalding in tub of 93-year-old leads to lawsuit, The Salem News, May 12, 2011

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