Injuries to Children and Infants: CPSC Recalls 1.2 Million Graco Strollers, 1 Million Infantino Baby Slings, and 150,000 Evenflo Baby Gates

Fall accidents and suffocation are two of the leading causes of injuries to young children. This is why in the last seven days, US Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with three manufacturers, have announced recalls of products that pose serious injuries to children. If your son or daughter is one of these victims, do not hesitate to request your free consultation with our Boston products liability lawyers. We are committed to making sure that child injury victims and their families receive the Massachusetts personal injury compensation that they are owed.

On March 18, the CPSC and Graco recalled approximately 1.2 million Harmony™ High Chairs following 24 reports of injuries to children, which included bruises, bumps, and scratches to the body and head, as well as an arm hairline fracture. At least 464 reports of screws coming loose and plastic brackets cracking have been reported to Graco. These defects can make the high chairs unstable.

If a chair tips over and a child is in it, a fall accident can occur. All Harmony™ High Chairs are affected by the recall and the CPSC wants people to stop using them right away.

Earlier this week, the CPSC and Infantino LLC recalled one million infant slings following reports of three child deaths that occurred last year. All three infants, a 7-week-old, a 3-month-old, and a 6-day-old, suffocated while being carried in the sling. The recall comes just days after the CPSC issued a warning that baby slings can pose a suffocation hazard if the baby’s breathing becomes obstructed. Visit our Boston Injury Lawyer blog site for more details about the warning.

Yesterday, the CPSC and Evenflo Co. recalled about 150,000 Evenflo Top-of-Stair™ Plus Wood Gates following a number of fall accidents that occurred. The manufacturer has received 142 reports of slats coming apart from the gate or breaking. Three kids were able to get through the gate and two fell down steps. Four kids sustained bruises and bumps to the head while seven kids suffered minor bruises, scratches, and scrapes. Consumers are to stop using the gates as soon as possible.

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