Is CPSC’s SaferProducts.Gov Database Preventing Boston Injuries?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Consumer Safety Information Database has been in use for one year now. allows people and entities to provide quick notification of injuries caused by consumer products. The database also lets other people check whether any complaints were filed over a particular item.

Approximately 6,000 reports were filed during’s first 10 months. Most of the reports were submitted by consumers and had to do with well-identified, newer products (many people included the items’ serial numbers and model names with their submissions). Medical professionals, coroners, and public safety professionals also turned in reports. While there had been some concerns that third-party advocates would be submitting entries about older items, this does not appear to be the case.

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Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, and Kids in Danger have conducted an analysis of the reports that were published on since the database’s launch through January 2012. It is interesting that there were 629 injuries reported for the 41-50 age group. This is the most number of injuries cited for a particular age category in the data base .

Product categories that there were complaints about on included:
• Kitchen Items • Furniture and related decorative items • Home maintenance • Baby products • Toys and kids • Clothing and accessories • Garden products
• Personal care • Electronics • Hobby items • Sports and recreation • Drywall • Fuel, lighters, and fireworks • Containers and packaging • Public facility products

Subcategories were broken into:
• Appliances • Footwear • Nursery products • Indoor lighting • Toys • Cookware/tableware • Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation • Fabric, laundry, and sewing • Furniture • Bed and bath • Computers, projectors, and monitors • Electrical systems • Gardening and landscaping
Only 56 of the 4,860 products named in the reports submitted were manufactured prior to 2000.

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