Kids’ Jewelry Containing Toxic Chemicals Were Sold in Massachusetts

According to new research from the Ecology Center and The Alliance for Healthy Tomorrow, there are certain inexpensive pieces of jewelry made for both children and adult that contain toxic chemicals underneath their surfaces. Some of the jewelry included in the study were bought from stores in Holyoke, Falmouth, Fall River, and Worcester, Massachusetts.

99 pieces of low-cost jewelry were purchased from 14 retailers in six states and tested for cadmium, lead, arsenic, bromine, mercury, and chlorine. Included in this collection were the “love” ring and necklace set that contained low levels of cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. Low levels of lead and arsenic, and medium levels of mercury, were found in the “best friends” peace heart necklace. In total, 27% of the jewelry exhibited more lead levels than the 300 parts per million that is allowed and considered safe. Close to 59% of the products contained high levels of at least one dangerous chemical.

In studies involving humans or animals, the chemicals the researchers were looking for have been linked to allergies, learning disabilities, birth defects, cancer, and liver toxicity. It doesn’t help that many young kids are prone to putting shiny and brightly colored objects in their mouths to begin with, which can lead to ingestion of these toxic chemical when they are present and choking accidents. This study’s researchers are telling parents and guardians to prevent young kids from using or playing with cheap metal jewelry.

Unfortunately, kids are especially vulnerable to illness and other health complications from too much exposure to toxic chemicals. For example, there have been lead injury lawsuits filed contending that exposure or ingestion of lead resulted in cognitive impairments and other serious injuries. Boston injury lawyers represent the families injured because manufacturers, distributors, and sellers allowed a defective or dangerous product to enter the marketplace.

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