Last 9/11 Wrongful Death Lawsuit is Settled After Boston Family Offers Details of Alleged Security Deficiencies at Logan International Airport

10 years after terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes on September 11, 2011, the family of Mark Bavis has settled their wrongful death lawsuit. Bavis, 31, died when United Airlines Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center. The wrongful death complaint, filed by Bavis’s Boston family, was the only lawsuit over the 9/11 terrorist attacks that hadn’t yet been resolved.

Bavis’s loved ones had held back on settling their complaint, which they filed in 2002, because they wanted to go to trial and hold defendants United Airlines and Huntleigh USA, the security company in charge of the checkpoint at the Boston airport, publicly responsible. Attorneys for the Bavis family have said the gross negligence is what allowed five terrorists to get onto the United airplane. Last week, they submitted a compendium detailing their evidence about the alleged security failures on that tragic day.

Both defendants, however, contended that the shouldn’t be held liable for not being able to prevent a terrorist assault that even the federal government couldn’t have predicted or made plans to prevent. They have said that United’s security system was implemented at the direction of the government and was never designed to stop the 9/11 attacks. The compendium was a response to their motion to have the case dismissed.

The Bavis family believes that the details provided in their compendium achieves their goal of holding United and Huntleigh USA publicly accountable However, Bavis’s twin brother, Michael Bavis, says that the “only reason” a settlement was reached was that “rulings and manipulations of the law” impairs his family’s ability during a trial to tell what happened. The terms of the wrongful death settlement are confidential.

Massachusetts Wrongful Death
If someone you love died because of what you feel was negligence on another party’s part, you may have reason for filing a Boston wrongful death lawsuit against them. The defendant doesn’t need to have been the direct cause of your loved one’s death, but may have acted or failed to act in a way that allowed the death to happen.

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