Man Awarded $48.1M Dangerous Drug Verdict in Products Liability Lawsuit Over Motrin

A jury has awarded 22-year-old Christopher Trejo $48.1 million in his products liability lawsuit against McKesson Corp., McNeil Consumer Healthcare, and Johnson & Johnson. Trejo claimed he developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolosysis as a teenager after taking Motrin for his fever in 2005.

Soon after, skin developed lesions and blisters and he was treated for injuries similar to second-degree burns. His vision and internal organs also became damaged.

In 2008, Trejo filed a dangerous drug lawsuit accusing the defendants of negligence, design negligence, and failure to warn about certain complications. Motrin finally included warnings on its label that rashes, blistering, and reddened skin were possible risks in 2006-a year after Trejo took the pain reliever.

Trejo is not the only one to suffer severe injuries from taking Motrin. Earlier this year, a jury awarded Brianna Maya’s family $10 million in their dangerous drug lawsuit against J & J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

The 13-year-old was just 3 when she took alternating doses of Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin to help quell her fever. Soon after, she developed burns and blisters inside and outside her body, became blind in one eye, and was treated for burn injuries. Doctors determined that her symptoms were a reaction to taking Children’s Motrin.

When rendering its Motrin lawsuit verdict, the jury found that the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary did not properly warn consumers about the possible risk of developing SJS and TEN. In the wake of developing both illnesses, Brianna has had to undergo recurring eye surgeries, suffers from periodic lung and eye infections, and now experience seizures. She also won’t ever be able to experience normal sexual relations or have kids.

It is imperative that drug manufacturers warn of serious health complications that can result from taking any kind of medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription. While the prescription version of Motrin has always included references to TEN and SJS and potentially fatal reactions, the nonprescription version, which is the one that both Trejo and Maya took, did not specifically mention either condition by name.

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