Massachusetts Had Lowest Pediatric Death Rate in 2009, Reports CDC

According to a report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Massachusetts had the lowest pediatric death rate among all the US states in 2009 at 4 child deaths per 100,000 kids (age 19 and under). The national average for that year was 11 deaths/ per 100,000 children. The CDC has published its findings in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

CDC principal deputy director Ileana Arias says that one reason for Massachusetts’ lower child death rate is that the state has taken pains to address child injury prevention, including developing policies and programs to promote children’s safety. In 2008, the state passed a law mandating that all kids under the age of 8 use a booster seat when riding a car. Following a 2006 law that toughened up requirements for teens seeking to earn their driver’s license, teenage driver deaths declined by 75%.

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Per the CDC’s report, nationwide car crashes comprised close to 50% of the 9,143 pediatric injury fatalities that occurred 2009. Although this figure is still too high, it is a significant decline from the number of child car crash deaths that took place a decade ago. That said, child injuries continue to be the number one cause of children fatalities.

The CDC says that the rates of child fatalities caused by infant suffocation while sleeping and teen poisoning deaths (many from prescription drug overdoses) have gone up. However, there has been a decrease in the number of deaths from fall accidents, drownings, and fires/burn injuries. Unknown causes was cited as the reason for 1070 child deaths in 2009.

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