Medford Doctor Accused of Massachusetts Medical Negligence Gets License Suspension

The Massachusett’s Board of Registration in Medicine suspended the medical license of Dr. Sheldon Randall, known for performing thousands of weight-loss surgeries. Following an investigation, a panel for the board accused him of medical negligence and called him an “immediate and serious threat.”

According to investigators, Randall failed to identify and treat complications that resulted after certain operations and, as a result, two of his patients died. One patient, 45-year-old Scott Ferullo, developed sepsis after Randall performed open gastric bypass surgery in 2011.

His widow, Cheryl, said that after the surgical procedure, Ferullo developed a fever that rose to 106 degrees. Investigators say that Randall should have checked immediately to see whether Ferullo was bleeding or had a leak from the procedure.

The Everett construction worker died from sepsis and the hospital suspended Randall. The board said that in the other patient death, Randall failed to quickly assess the bowel obstruction of a woman who was already considered “high risk” for possible complications even after she started throwing up following the surgery.

In the last thirteen years, at least of eight of Randall’s patients or their surviving loved ones have sued him for Massachusetts medical malpractice. Investigators say that in four instances, the surgeon chose to open gastric bypass surgery, rather than choose a less invasive alternative, even though the operation is linked to higher rates of infection and complication.

Bariatric Surgery Deaths
Bariatric surgery to treat obesity and related health issues is a major procedure. Because of a patient’s existing weight/health problems, this can up the chance of complications. It is important that surgeons involved in this type of procedure properly monitor patients during and after the operation.

Complications from bariatric surgery may include infections, ulcer bowel obstruction, pulmonary embolism, hypoglycemia, nerve problems, depression, kidney problems, anesthesia complications, bleeding, gastrointestinal track leak, gallstones, structure, protein deficiency, organ damage, liver injuries, anemia, herniation, kidney failure, and death.

Other common causes of Boston bariatric surgery malpractice:
• Cutting into the wrong body parts during surgery • Damaging the veins or arteries • Not properly closing or suturing certain areas of the bowel or stomach.

You want to speak with a Boston medical malpractice law firm that understands the severity of your injuries and how this could impact the rest of your life.

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