Mother Considers Suing Massachusetts Water Park for Children’s Chemical Burn Injuries

A Connecticut woman is considering filing a personal injury lawsuit for the chemical burn injuries she says that her children sustained while swimming at CoCo Key Water Resort, a Danvers, Massachusetts water park.

Kristen Baker says that her daughter Emily, 9, and son Austin, 11, experienced blisters, rashes, skin burns, and breathing problems after a visit to the resort during a chaperoned girl scout trip. She attributes the injuries to the high levels of chlorine that the children were allegedly exposed to while at the 65,000 square foot indoor park.

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center diagnosed that the kids had chemical burns. Out of the 14 kids that took part in the Girl Scout trip, 12 say they experienced chemical burns.

The resort closed last week after a number of visitors, in addition to Baker’s kids, complained of similar symptoms. Massachusetts public health officials found that the level of chlorine in the water used by the park was 10 to 20 times higher than the minimum requirement. They also found that the park lacked the necessary equipment to test how much chlorine was in the water and that one of the park’s hot tubs lacked a thermometer.

Premise owners are obligated to make sure that their properties are safe for visitors, residents, and patrons. When a hazardous condition exists on a premise that results in human injuries or death, the injured parties can claim damages by filing a premises liability or another type of personal injury claim or lawsuit.

The park will not be reopened until it passes a retest.

Chlorine Exposure
Chlorine is often used as a water purifier and is found in pools and water rides. Exposure to high levels of chlorine, however, can result in injuries, including:

• Coughing • Dizziness • Nausea • Problems breathing • Bluish skin coloring • Chemical burns • Blisters or swelling to the skin • Burning eyes • Severe eye pain • Blurred vision • Burning sensation in the throat • Tissue injury • Vomiting • Pneumonia • Lung collapse
Water-resort injuries may lead to lawsuit,, March 7, 2008

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