Woman Sued for Wrongful Death in Deadly Massachusetts Car Accident

A woman who has been charged in the motor vehicle homicide death of a female pedestrian she accidentally struck outside a car wash in Haverhill, Massachusetts, is now the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Roger Young, the husband of Robin Young, who was killed last year on June 16 at Hafner’s carwash, located on the Haverhill/Plaistow line.

Robin was wiping down her sport utility vehicle outside the car wash exit when she was struck by Marie Pigaga in a 2000 Mercedes Benz SLK 230 coupe. The motor vehicle jumped a retaining wall before hitting Robin, whose 12-year-old daughter witnessed the deadly collision from inside the SUV.

Pigaga, 46, says that her brakes malfunctioned. Police, however, after inspecting the Mercedes, say that the brakes did not malfunction.

The Young family is asking for millions of dollars.

Although the car accident occurred in Massachusetts, the civil lawsuit was filed in New Hampshire, where Pigaga and the Young family live.

Pigaga is still battling the criminal charge against her in Massachusetts. If convicted, she could face up to 2 ½ years in jail.

Common Scenarios that Can Lead to Pedestrian Accidents (PEDSAFE) Include:

1. The pedestrian walked or ran into the roadway at an intersection or midblock location and was struck by a vehicle.

2. Pedestrian is struck while crossing a high-speed and/or high-volume arterial street.

3. Pedestrian is struck while crossing a high-speed and/or high-volume arterial street.

4. The pedestrian was struck while crossing the road to/from a mailbox, newspaper box, or ice-cream truck, or while getting into or out of a stopped vehicle.

5. A vehicle struck a pedestrian who was: (1) standing or walking near a disabled vehicle, (2) riding a play vehicle that was not a bicycle (e.g., wagon, sled, tricycle, skates), (3) playing in the road, or (4) working in the road.

6. The pedestrian was standing or walking near the roadway edge, on the sidewalk, in a driveway or alley, or in a parking lot, when struck by a vehicle.

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