Person Fatally Injured on the Red Line

A person was fatally injured on the southbound side of Kendall Square station in Cambridge today, an MBTA spokesperson told the Boston Globe. It happened around 11:30 a.m., and Red Line service has now resumed. It had been shut off between South Boston and Harvard Square and shuttle buses were put into service so that Transit police could investigate and responders could reach the victim.

We’ve recently seen an increasing amount of persons being injured or killed on the MBTA. Earlier this month, an 18-year-old was injured and a 21-year-old was killed on an MBTA bus. On the same day as that incident, police were called to investigate two other Red Line stabbings. At that time, riders were calling for more officers and security cameras. While the facts of this article are unclear as to the cause of the fatal injury, there is no mention of an accident, and this too may have been the result of an attack.

These kinds of criminal attacks that keep occurring on MBTA premises could give rise to negligent security personal injury or wrongful death claims. Owners or managers of premises that serve the public, like the MBTA, can be liable for injuries caused by criminal acts of third parties where the risk of the criminal attack is foreseeable. Here, given the recent rash of criminal attacks on the MBTA and particularly on the Red Line, these acts should be becoming more and more foreseeable.

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The Boston Globe: Red Line service restored this afternoon: investigation into Kendall Square death continues
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