Quincy 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Kills Worker Who is Thrown from Bucket

A city worker died this morning after the bucket truck he was working in was hit by an 18-wheeler truck. The impact of the Quincy truck crash caused Robert DeCristofaro to fall out of the bucket and into the road.

The 58-year-old Braintree man was taken to Boston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Police are trying to figure out which truck driver caused the Quincy tractor-trailer accident. Meantime, OSHA is also looking into the crash.

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation
City workers and their families are entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits in the event of injury or death on the job. It is important that you file your Quincy work injury claim right away. It is also a good idea to consult with a Boston workers’ compensation law firm about your case. You want to make sure you receive all of the benefits that you are owed.

Although it would be nice to think that this is what automatically happens, this isn’t always the case. An employer’s insurer may choose to reduce, delay, or deny your benefits. Considering that employees and their families generally cannot sue the employer for Quincy personal injury, this can take a financial toll on the victim and loved ones, who may have to contend with lost wages, medical benefits, and other expenses.

Your Quincy workers’ compensation lawyer can protect your right to receive everything that you are owed.

Third Party Lawsuits
Obtaining work injury benefits from your employer doesn’t stop you from filing a third party lawsuit and vice versa. Although you cannot sue your employer, there may be third parties that are not your employer who can and should be sued. For example, right now, the facts of what happened in the Quincy work accident that killed DeCristofaro are not clear at this time. However, if it was the driver of the semi-truck that struck the bucket truck he was on, then the Braintree man’s family may have grounds for pursuing a Quincy wrongful death case against the trucker and his/her employer.

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