Summer Safety Tip Refresher

When the temperatures rise, so does the risk of accidents and injuries. Summer activities can be fun and healthy, but it is crucial to be aware of the safety hazards that accompany them. This is especially true when it comes to children. Playgrounds, swimming pools, and lawn mowers can all be dangerous, but with proper supervision and safe practices, you can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death. Contact a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Today.


Before letting your child play on a playground, make sure it is safe! Outdated, faulty, and defective playground equipment is responsible for serious injuries and deaths every year. By following the tips below, you will dramatically reduce the risk to your child.

  • Playground floors should have loose-fill materials such as shredded rubber or wood chips, or safety mats, and this protective surface should extend a minimum of six feet from all equipment.
  • Equipment should appear safe. Look for dangerously protruding open “S” hooks or bolt ends. If you see sharp edges, rust, or loose parts, use caution.
  • Never attach jump ropes, ropes, or leashes to playground equipment. Children can easily strangle on these items. For the same reason, children should not have anything around their necks, including necklaces and scarves.
  • Check metal slides to make sure they are cool before allowing your child to use them. On hot, sunny days, metal slides can get hot enough to cause serious burns.
  • Children should always wear shoes while on the playground.
  • People are severely injured, blinded, and disfigured in accidents involving fireworks every year. Even those that are thought to be safe, such as sparklers, can cause serious burns. The safest advice is to avoid using any fireworks at home. In fact, the AAP recommends prohibiting all public sales of fireworks.

Lawn Mowers

Most newer lawn mowers come with a safety mechanism that stops the blade when the operator lets go of the handle. If you have an older mower without this control, it might be time for a trade-in.

  • Don’t allow children under the age of 16 to operate ride-on mowers.
  • Don’t allow children under the age of 12 to operate push mowers.
  • Always wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes when mowing.
  • Pick up loose objects, such as rocks and toys, prior to mowing.
  • Children should not be in the yard while someone is mowing.
  • Make sure your mower’s guards and safety devices are all in proper working order.
  • Do not use the mower in reverse unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • Consider wearing protective eyewear while mowing, to protect your eyes from airborne objects.

Swimming Pools

According to the American Red Cross, about 200 children drown in backyard swimming pools every year. Let your kids have fun, and keep them safe, by following the tips below.

  • The perimeter of your pool should be properly secured with barriers. The protective barriers should surround the pool, be at least 4-feet high, and have a self-latching gate.
  • The pool should have an appropriate safety cover on while not in use. Consider also installing an alarm system.
  • Children should always be supervised when in the pool. A competent adult should be present, and vigilant, when anyone is in the water. A child can drown in seconds.
  • If you have a backyard pool, make sure your children are strong swimmers by enrolling them in Red Cross swim courses. But even a strong swimmer should never be left alone in the water.

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