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Although the two metalworkers responsible for starting the nine-alarm fire at an apartment building last year that killed two Boston firefighters will not be criminally charged over the incident, they could still be sued for Massachusetts wrongful death. The D & J Ironworks workers were welding a wrought-iron railing, which sent sparks into a rotting wood shed.

While prosecutors said the two workers were careless, they were found to not have acted with “conscious disregard” or the knowing that they were putting anyone at risk of injury or death with their actions. According to the investigation, the two workers’ behavior fell short of what is required to file a criminal case.

The workers went to Back Bay on March 26, 2014 to install railings at the back of the building next to where the fire happened. Because one railing did not fit properly, they began to weld it into the right size, which is when the fire started.

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