Teen Dies in Attleboro, MA Drowning Accident at Apartment Complex Swimming Pool

A 17-year-old has died in an Attleboro, MA swimming accident. Ibrahim Iqbal was doing laps at the Crystal Village Apartments indoor pool on Wednesday when he failed to come up for air after swimming to the bottom.

A cousin who was with him called for help and a resident and a building manager pulled the teenager out of the water. Emergency responders took Iqbal to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner is expected to conduct an autopsy.

Depending on what caused the drowning death, Iqbal’s family may have grounds for pursuing a Massachusetts drowning accident lawsuit. Potential liable parties may include the apartment complex, which could lead to an Attleboro premises liability case or, if there was a defect in the pool, then possibly a products liability lawsuit against a manufacturer.

Massachusetts Drowning Accidents
In Massachusetts swimming fatalities, families may be entitled to wrongful death compensation if there were parties that could and should have prevented the accident from happening. A failure to warn about hazards, inadequate pool supervision, and not making sure emergency equipment is nearby may all be reasons for pursuing a claim.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about ten people a day die from accidental drowning. Drowning is the number five leading cause of unintentional injury fatalities in the United States. If someone is lucky enough to survive a near drowning, they still may be at risk of developing permanent brain damage, long-term disabilities, or permanent loss of basic functioning (i.e. a perpetual vegetative state). Almost 80% of those who die in drowning accidents are males.

Common causes of drowning:
• Don’t know how to swim • Inadequate barriers to prevent people, especially kids, from entering the pool area without supervision • Inadequate supervision • No lifeguards on duty • Alcohol
• Personal health issues

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