Teen Driver Talking on Cell Phone Injures Barrington Rider During Bedford Motorcycle Accident

A 50-year-old Barrington man was injured in a Bedford motorcycle accident on August 20 when he was hit by a motor vehicle on Route 101. Robert Heywood was treated for his injuries at a Manchester hospital and then later released.

Heywood reportedly injured his leg, broke his knee, and sustained lacerations to his head and ear. He was not using a motorcycle helmet at the time of the Massachusetts traffic accident.

The Bedford, Massachusetts motorcycle accident happened early in the evening when Heywood was struck by a vehicle driven by 19-year-old Brittany Lacourse. Police say that the Lowell driver was talking on her cell phone when she crossed solid white lines and struck Heywood.

Heywood says that she dragged his bike at a speed of 5 mph. After his bike came free and fell over, he claims that she drove off. Her mother called police to report the Massachusetts motorcycle accident.

Heywood is a self-employed construction worker. He says he won’t be able to work while he recovers. Last week, Massachusetts police charged Lacourse with felony conduct after an accident.

In Massachusetts, there is no statewide law banning the use of handheld cell phones or the practice of text messaging while driving. Yet, time and again, our Boston injury law firm hears about the car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, bus accidents, and train crashes that occur because a motorist was negligent when he or she decided to talk on the phone or text message while operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted driving of any kind can be grounds for a Bedford, Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawsuit if a rider was injured because another motorist was careless. It is a driver’s responsibility to pay attention to the road and watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians so that no one gets hurt.

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