Two Infant Deaths Spur Recall of 1.7M Summer Infant Video Baby Monitors

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling approximately 1.7 Summer Infant baby monitors following two infant deaths by strangulation. Included are over 40 different models of digital, handheld, and color models. The company issuing the recall is called Summer Infant, which will provide users with better instructions.

If you have one of these baby monitors, our Boston products liability lawyers want to remind you to adhere to the instructions of Summer Infant and CPSC and make sure that the cameras and their cords are out of your child’s reach. Per the CPSC, one baby, 10 months, died last March when she was strangled after getting caught in a monitor camera’s cord. The monitoring device had been placed on top of the crib rail. In November, a 6-month-old-baby died from strangulation because of the monitor’s electrical cord. The baby monitor had been placed on the changing table next to his crib.

Also, a 20-month old toddler was almost strangled after the camera monitor’s cord ended up around his neck. Even though the monitor camera had been hooked to the wall, the boy was able to reach the cord.

The recalled monitors were sold between 2003 and 2011 at major retailers. Summer Infant is also recalling rechargeable batteries in another 58,000 video monitors that were sold at Babies R Us in 2010 and 2009. The batteries, which come with the Slim and Secure Video Monitors. can rupture, overheat, and cause burn injuries.

There have been at least six child strangulation deaths involving baby monitor cords since 2004. If your child was injured because of his/her baby monitor or another product, you should explore your options because you may have a Boston personal injury case. Even if a product did not malfunction, there may be design defects or inadequate warnings that warrant a Massachusetts products liability or wrongful death case.

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