Is the State Doing Enough to Prevent Massachusetts Car Crashes and Discourage Drunk Driving?

The National Transportation Safety Board says that Massachusetts ranks among the worst states when it comes to adopting federal drunk driving recommendations because it has only put into effect just 4 of the agency’s 11 recommendations for keeping repeat drunk drivers off the streets. This news raises the question, is the state doing enough to get drunk drivers off the road so that the number of Massachusetts car accidents that happen each year goes down?

Our Boston injury lawyers talk to families on a regular basis that have suffered inconsolable losses because a drunk driver got in a car and fatally struck a loved one. Adopting tougher measures to prevent drunk driving can only save lives.

Among the NTSB’s recommendations:
• The adoption of a dedicated drunk driving court • Ignition interlock devices on first time offenders • Not allowing an offender’s record to be scrubbed just because he/she underwent treatment • Impounding a drunk driver’s vehicle • Confiscation of license plates • Long-term alcohol treatment
• Unannounced alcohol testing for drunk driver offenders
Drunk driving blurs the vision, slows reflexes, delays reaction time, and creates an altered state of reality that can make it impossible for a motorist to stay in control of his/her vehicle. Our Boston injury law firm knows how to pursue financial recovery against a drunk driver. Although nothing can be done to bring back a loved one that was killed or restore you or your life to the way it was before the collision that caused your catastrophic injuries, you still may have grounds for a civil case.

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