Two Young Girls Rushed to Hospital After Yarmouth Swimming Accident at Cape Cod Hotel

Two sisters, ages 9 and 12, were flown to Children’s Hospital in Boston after they were pulled from the bottom of an indoor swimming pool at the Bayside Resort in Cape Cod. Witnesses say that the girls were rescued from the Yarmouth, MA near drowning accident after family members and guests noticed they were in trouble.

An uncle was supposed to be supervising them when the swimming accident happened. There was no lifeguard on duty at the time.

The two girls, who are from New York, were in Yarmouth on vacation. As of Wednesday night, police were reporting that the sisters were in serious to life threatening condition.

Cape Cod Swimming Accidents
Unintentional drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the US, with kids among the highest at risk. Private swimming pool owners and properties with pools frequented by guests and members of the public are responsible for minimizing the risks of drowning by taking the proper safety precautions.

Preventive measures may include ensuring there is a lifeguard on duty, providing rescue equipment in the pool area, and installing gates to keep people out when no one is there to supervise. Putting in a regulation-approved pool drain can prevent entanglement accidents and drowning. If a swimming pool is indoors, then proper lighting can make it easy to detect if anyone is struggling underwater.

Near drownings can be catastrophic too, even if one is lucky enough to survive. Adults and children have been known to develop serious brain injuries and permanent physical and mental disabilities after almost drowning.

Drowning accidents can also happen in wading pools, hot tubs, inflatable pools, and other bodies of water. It takes just minutes and a few inches of water for a drowning incident to happen.

You want to work with a Cape Cod drowning accident law firm that knows how to pursue your financial recovery. In addition to the pain and suffering of your loved one, and the immediate medical bills that result, there may be additional costs and expenses, including future medical care, that you will need covered. An experienced Massachusetts swimming injury lawyer can help you figure how much compensation you should pursue.

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