Two-Year-Old Falls Three Stories, Survives

A two-year-old girl is reportedly in good condition after falling three-and-a-half stories from a window of her Chelsea home. A police spokesman commented on the incident Monday night after the girl had been transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and was reported to be recovering from nonlife-threating injuries.

Chelsea Police Captain Keith Houghton said emergency responders arrived at the scene where the girl fell from a window and quickly ascertained that the incident appeared to be an accident. In a statement, Houghton said that the girl had been playing on a bed abutting the window and fell backward into a rear alley behind the house.

The incident highlights safety concerns for its similarity to another recent case in which a toddler fell from the third floor of an apartment in Fall River. However, in this case the injuries sustained were much more serious and ultimately proved fatal.

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Sources:, May 28, 2012

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