14,200 Britax Child Safety Seats Recalled Over Defective Harness Straps

Britax Child Safety, Inc. is recalling 14,220 Chaperone Infant Car Seats due to a defect that could cause the harness straps to fail. The NHTSA says it does not know of any injuries or deaths related to this product defect. In Massachusetts, do not hesitate to contact our Boston products liability lawyers if you believe your child’s injuries were caused by a defective safety seat.

The safety issue involves the rivet that attaches the harness adjuster to the child safety seat. Because the rivet is defective, the adjuster may separate from the the seat, causing the safety straps that are supposed to keep the baby in his/her seat to fail.

Recalled Britax models include the:
• E9L692K • E9L692J • E9L692L • E9L692M
These were made between September 2010 and April 2011.

A child safety seat is supposed to keep its rider properly secured so that in the event of a Massachusetts car crash he/she is protected and the chances of serious injury or death are minimized. Unfortunately, there are car seats that not safe for use and may cause more harm than help.

Common child safety seat defects:
• Latch defects that prevent them from staying secure and locked during an accident • Poor quality straps that can easily tear
• Strap adjusters that allow/cause the straps to fit too tight or too loosely • Seat frame defects
Car seat defects can cause a child to be thrown from the seat, become trapped, or injured.

It is important to know that not all car seats are for every age group or child or can be used with all cars. Also, Child safety seat manufacturers must provide clear instructions on how to use these products.

Consumer Advisory: Britax Recalling 14,220 Child Safety Seats for Safety Harness Straps That Will Not Properly Restrain Child, NHTSA, January 27, 2012

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