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According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, sending and reading text messages with a hands-free devices or talking on a cell phone without using your hands while driving are no less distracting than doing these activities manually. The AAA’s study comes as voice-activated technologies that let people talk, text, and Facebook while driving continue to grow in popularity. This is the most comprehensive study of its kind to date. In Massachusetts, please contact our Boston injury lawyers if you believe that your car crash injuries or a loved one’s death was caused by a negligent driver.

Per the study, which sought to gauge how mental or cognitive distraction affect driving, even these hands-free devices don’t take away the mental distraction that can arise from engaging in so many other activities while operating a motor vehicle. As the mind becomes more distracted, the brain’s reaction capabilities slow down, as does its ability to detect vital cues on the road, including pedestrians and stop signs.

These findings are important for hands-free device manufacturers and also makers to know so that they can make sure that consumers don’t end up thinking that these types of products make it safer to text and talk while driving. AAA CEO Robert Darbelnet even called the surge in hands-free technology a “public safety crisis” just waiting to happen.

At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Boston personal injury lawyers also represent the families of kids injured in non-traffic related Massachusetts car accidents that were caused by another negligent party, including incidents involving:

Backover Accidents

This type of car accident often occurs when a vehicle is backing out of a parking space or driveway. The motorist may not realize that a child is behind the car. According to, about 50 kids are involved in US backover incidents every week, resulting in about 48 injuries to minors and two deaths. Boston backover accidents are more likely to occur when there is a larger size vehicle involved, such as an SUV, van, or truck. The bigger size can make rear visibility harder for the driver.

A Framingham construction worker was seriously injured when a truck weighing close to 140,000 pounds slid backwards, rolling over and crushing the legs of a worker with its tires. The Andover, MA construction accident took place in the Shawsheen River area off Lupine Road.

At the time of the Massachusetts tractor-trailer accident, the worker was attempting to attach an equipment trailer to the large vehicle. He was pinned between two of the back tires on the left side of the truck. The worker sustained serious crushing injuries to his lower extremities.

Rescuers that arrived at the Andover construction accident scene needed approximately 25 minutes to get him out from under the large truck. OSHA, Massachusetts State Police, and Andover police are all investigating the incident.

The family of lobbyist James “Jimmy” W. Holway has settled its Cambridge truck accident lawsuit over his 2006 Massachusetts wrongful death. Holway was killed on September 11, 2006 after a construction vehicle that didn’t have working rear brakes in West Yarmouth hit his car.

According to the Holway family’s Cambridge motor vehicle crash lawyers, not only did the truck owner insist that the 26,000 vehicle continue to be used to deliver materials despite its advanced age of 18 years, but also the truck’s rear brakes and a number of warnings and instruments, including a disconnected odometer, were not working.

The 63-year-old lobbyist had been leaving a restaurant parking lot on Route 28 and crossing the roadway in his car to head home when the construction truck went over a solid double yellow line to strike his car. Investigators confirmed that only the front brakes of the truck were in operation at the time.

Although no criminal charges are going to be filed against trucker Dana E.A. McCoomb, the family of bicyclist Alexander Motsenigos has gone ahead and filed a Wellesley, MA truck accident lawsuit over his wrongful death. Motsenigos, 41, he leaves behind a wife and young son, 6.

He was killed last August when his bicycle struck by the 18-wheeler truck driven by McCoomb, 51. The impact of the Wellesley tractor-trailer crash caused Motsenigos to be pulled under the large vehicle. Police say that McCoomb proceeded to leave the Massachusetts traffic crash site.

Attempts by police and the Norfolk district attorney’s office to charge McCoomb with the unsafe overtaking of a cyclist, motor vehicle homicide involving negligent operation, and not taking the proper steps to make sure that other travelers remained safe failed. Now, however, a grand jury is refusing issue an indictment on any of these charges.

According to the journal Injury Prevention, New Year’s Eve is when people are most at risk for becoming involved in a fatal pedestrian accident. One reason for this is that while inebriated individuals might choose to walk rather than drive, drinking too much alcohol still impairs one’s physical abilities, judgments, and reflexes regardless, making one more prone to involvement in a traffic crash. One option for avoiding such risks might be to take a cab. Another alternative is staying over at wherever you plan to celebrate.

That said, there are Boston pedestrian accidents that occur on New Year’s Eve because a motorist was distracted, multitasking, texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, or drunk. Please contact Altman & Altman, LLP to request your free case evaluation if you were involved in a Massachusetts traffic accident that you believe was caused by another party.

No one wants to start or end the year involved in any type of collision, but it can happen. Because the state follows modified comparative negligence system, an injured party can recover Boston injury compensation compensation as long as his/her fault in causing the incident was 50% or less.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of US highway deaths in 2011 went down to their lowest level since 1949 at 32,367 fatalities-a 1.9% drop from last year. The 2011 decline is a continuing trend over the last six years, which has lead to a 26% drop in traffic deaths since 2005.

In this state last year, Massachusetts traffic fatalities went down from 347 deaths in 2010 to 337. Nationwide, other significant 2011 statistics included:

• A 4.6% drop in the number of light truck and passenger car occupant deaths.

Joseph O. Irorere, a 45-year-old trucker, has been hospitalized, after he received an electrical shock when his 2001 Mack 600 tractor-trailer hit power lines that were sagging on Interstate 95 in Attleboro. According to State Police, the incident happened when the Brockton man got out of the vehicle. Their preliminary probe found that the wires on both sides of the road had sagged due to a structural issue involving a utility pole.

Electrical Shock

Electrical shock can cause serious injuries as the electrical current enters the body. There may be electric burns, internal injuries, damage to tissues, muscles, or nerves, thermal burns, brain damage, organ damage, cardiac arrest, spinal cord injuries, hand/foot injuries, deformity, or even death. Common causes of Boston electric shock accidents:

Three years after passing away from accidental asphyxia involving suffocation, the family of ex-Major League Baseball pitcher Mark S. Fidrych is suing Morse Mack Sales, Ballard Mack Sales, and Mack Trucks for Northborough, Ma wrongful death and products liability. Fidrych died when his clothes tangled up in his 1987 Mack dump truck’s power takeoff shaft on April 13, 2009. The former Detroit Tigers pitcher was 54.

The plaintiffs are contending that the truck was negligently designed, made, and marketed. They also believe that it was already defective/dangerous when sold to consumers. They are seeking monetary damages for pain and suffering, failure to instruct and warn, negligent sale, breach of implied warranty and merchantability, and negligent service and repair. In addition to wrongful death recovery, they also want punitive damages.

Meantime, two of the defendants, Ballard Mack Sales & Service and Mack Trucks, are asserting that the Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit is barred because of the statute of limitations. They claim that Fidrych’s negligence was more significant than any that they may have committed. Morse Mack Sales, which is also denying any wrongdoing, blames Fidrych for modifying the vehicle after purchasing it and contends that it was this change that played a role in/caused his accidental Northborough dump truck death.

With record-breaking temperatures yesterday, Massachusetts residents poured outside to enjoy the sunshine and summer temperatures. Walkers, runners, bicyclists, rollerbladers, picnickers, and beach-goers (including kids playing hooky from school) were seen in droves. Unfortunately, the day did not end as gloriously for all.

According to news reports, on Wednesday evening around 6pm, 58-year-old Cynthia Pacheco of New Bedford was hit and killed by a FedEx freight truck in New Bedford Industrial Park. The FexEx truck was making a left-hand turn when it hit her. The incident is still being investigated. Police could not confirm whether or not Pacheco was wearing a helmet.

With virtually no protection against guardrails, trees, fences, cars, and trucks, bicyclists can suffer minor injuries like bumps and bruises to serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries and even fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a bicycle accident in Massachusetts, you should contact an experienced MA bicycle accident attorney to determine whether you may be able to financially recover.

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