George Clooney Breaks Ribs in Motorcycle Accident

Movie star George Clooney was injured on Friday when the motorcycle he was riding crashed into a car in New Jersey. Clooney sustained a few scrapes, a broken rib, and road rash in the motorcycle accident. His girlfriend Sarah Larson reportedly broke her foot. Both of them were using helmets at the time of the crash, which took place in Weehawken, across from the Hudson River and Manhattan.

Police in New Jersey are still trying to determine whether Clooney or the other driver was negligent in causing the motor vehicle accident. Clooney claims that the driver of the other vehicle, a Mazda Saloon, was signaling to turn left but turned right instead and crashed into the motorcycle. The driver of the car is disputing this account.

If you are injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident, you should hire a personal injury attorney right away so that he or she can investigate your case and determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury claim against a negligent party.

Injuries in a motorcycle accident can be very serious-especially because riders have little protection (if any). Motor vehicle collisions involving a motorcycle can result in both minor and catastrophic injuries. Motorcycle injuries can include burn injuries, road burns, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, bruises, disfigurement, and wrongful death.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents:

• A driver fails to notice there is a motorcycle in the vicinity.
• Driver inexperience • Speeding • Mechanical failure • Poor road conditions • Driver negligence or recklessness • Drunk driving
In Massachusetts, approximately 42 motorcycle riders die every year.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles says that if car drivers, bus drivers, and truck drivers want to avoid getting into an accident with a motorcycle, they should be especially cautious during the following situations:

• You are making a left turn in front of a rider.
• A motorcyclist is riding in your blind spot.
• There are hazardous road conditions. Potholes, wet leaves, railroad tracks, and other obstructions may force a motorcyclist to take an action you don’t expect.
• You have an obstructed line of sight. Sport utility vehicles, delivery vans, and large trucks may block motorcyclists from your view.

Because of the serious and costly nature of motorcycle accidents and injuries, you should speak with a personal injury attorney immediately if you have been injured in an accident-especially before you try to negotiate a settlement with any insurance parties.

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In Massachusetts, Altman & Altman LLP has personal injury attorneys that are experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases. We can investigate your case for you and make sure that a claim or lawsuit is filed for the maximum recovery possible in your case.

You should not have to cover your own medical and recovery expenses if you were injured in a motorcycle crash because someone else was negligent. Contact Altman & Altman LLP today. Our law offices are in Cambridge, and we represent clients throughout the state of Massachusetts.

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