Motorcycle Accident Myths

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, myths and misconceptions abound. Those who ride motorcycles are often perceived as unlawful rule breakers with no respect for other motorists. Of course, these stereotypes are rarely accurate. Motorcycles provide an enjoyable and economical (when compared to cars and trucks) way to commute. Although daredevil motorcyclists certainly exist, the vast majority utilize safe riding practices at all times. Read on for more information about motorcycle accident myths and what to do if you’re involved in an accident involving a motorcycle.

Myth #1: When a motorcyclist crashes and no other vehicles are involved, it must be the motorcyclist’s fault.

Due to their “bad rep,” motorcyclists are often blamed for single-vehicle accidents. It’s assumed that they must have been speeding, driving recklessly, or maybe even that they were drunk. The reality is, single-vehicle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons that are not the fault of the rider. Potholes, loose gravel, a malfunctioning bike part, and animals darting in front of the bike can all lead to a single-vehicle motorcycle crash.

Myth #2: If you weren’t wearing a helmet, don’t even try to recover damages after an accident.

This is simply not true. Motorcycle helmets save lives, but not wearing one doesn’t exclude you from obtaining compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. For starters, helmets protect your head, not the rest of your body. But even if you sustain head injuries, you may still recover damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. That being said, it’s always a good idea to wear your helmet. Helmets are approximately 67 percent effective at preventing injuries to the brain and 37 percent effective at preventing death. A Boston motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine how to move forward if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Myth #3 – Lane splitting is safe if done correctly.

In some states, such as CA, lane splitting is now legal. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Lane splitting is the practice of maneuvering through narrow spaces to pass cars and trucks when stuck in congested traffic. While it may allow motorcyclists to pass through congested traffic and reduce travel time, it also reduces maneuvering space and the reaction time of passenger vehicles. Legal or not, lane splitting is dangerous. And FYI, in MA, it is not legal.

Fact: Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars.

Remember that motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars and trucks because of their small size (less visible to other motorists), and lack of stability. Further, when motorcyclists are involved in a crash, they don’t have the protection of four sides and a roof. As such, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash than drivers of other motor vehicles. You can dramatically reduce your risk of serious injury or death by always wearing a helmet and utilizing safe riding practices at all times. A MA motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover damages if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident.

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